A’s Page of Life

3 thoughts on “A’s Page of Life

  1. Well thats the wedding over , it was a wonderful day , fun and family and friends , I was so proud of my 2 son’s and my new daughter-in-law ,she looked stunning ,as did my son’s with there kilts on .I have just arrived back home and back to reality , going out tonight with hubby ,a 2 hour drive ahead of us ,and after the festivities last night ,lol not feeling like it . The food was delicous and healthy i may add except for the desert lol but i can be forgiven for that .So come Monday its time to start thinking of weight lose and excercise , I will be getting my food shop at the end of the week and i will be choosing healthy options , not that i didnt before , but will try even harder ,i will have myself weighed ,and i will take it from there .

    Well off to get ready for my second stint out , looking forward to catching up on some sleep tonight ——–watch this space

  2. Well i have just got home ,both hubby and i are exhausted ,after the wedding and hubby working tonight .To be honest we didnt have time for anything to eat before we left for tonights trip out ,so afraid on the way home it was mcdonalds ,a place i am not often guilty of eating in ,and what can i say its 12.35 am and i feel sick ,was it all the rushing about last few days or was it the food ,mmmmm .
    I have a busy day ahead tomorrow , kilts to be sorted for return to the hire shop on Monday ,and wedding cake to be passed out to some folks that didnt make the wedding ,and to be honest a lot of housework ,so i am gonna be busy . Hope to have time to catch up with B ,its been a few days ,just to see how life has been treating her .

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