Yippeee deee!

Yes, I threw myself on the scales and still heard them groaning “Get off you fat b***h”

Scared to look down as I have been terribly naughty this week… A lesson to learn is NOT to include naughty food when shopping and stuff OH if he wants anything.

So there I was… socks pants and bra on…. scales squeeling now and I had no choice to look down!

Yes I have lost weight.. goodness knows how but a small amount off is still better than any on isn’t it.  Oh sorry it was only a pound but also better than a stay the same.

I have now put all naughty food in a high cupboard that I can’t reach and planning what I can eat for the rest of the week.

So hope is there… that is 4lb so far… well done B… I will pat myself on the back as I am not telling others … well of course you lot are an exception!… So shhhh.

ImageKeep thinking slim and stay positive! x


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