Electric … just shocking!

Yes.. I have been getting shocks again, so much for that working.

But must stay positive… even though I have woken in the morning very early and not able to get back to sleep because of the face pain.

It seems I slide down in the night and end on my side and this terrible disease (Trigeminal Neuralgia aka The Suicide Disease) is returning even though I have had the operation.  My face swells on one side and goes very hard and feels like a block of ice.  I actually got my OH to put a lazer pointer heat gauge thingymabob on either side of my face and it was 2.5 degrees colder on the ill side.  How is that!

So this evening after listening to my sister cry to me for a few weeks as she and her boyfriend split… I sort of burst into tears…I said I was missing our dad and how a friend who never had family or a dad has been in touch with hers and she actually has 2 sisters and a brother and her father is so looking forward to meeting her.  I then said my face had been hurting and the drugs cause weight gain and I am fighting with that… I think it sort of made her think maybe her going on about her ex is nothing!  I didn’t mean to let go… but has been one of those days.


One of those days you say… I had a great release.  I had my results from my mammo and I got the all clear!  You may say why has she mentioned them… well since a child I have always said I will pass with cancer.. and when I got called early.. Years may I add!!! to have one I went but have been stressing ever since for the results and been hoping everything will be okay… and it is.  So I am very grateful and it makes you also think.. what is right and wrong in your life …what can you change and what you can’t. etc and I think this evening… my sister got it .

Ooo now you lot have to.. but I haven’t forgotten about the 2000andme year!  This is going to be it… I am getting there.. and I have to just think positive on everything!

Thanks for reading my ramble… nighty night x


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