Warm but cold!

Here I am laying in bed thinking… Why does the morning come around so quickly?

After a night of trying to sleep around OH and Mr Oliver in bed.. They just seem to take over, and not getting any younger along with not being tiny.. I am aching!   The thing also with the face operation I still sleep partially upright… So this doesn’t help.

Anyway… I ran downstairs… Oh I stumbled downstairs more like,  but in my mind I gayfully ran lol and let Mr Oliver out and had a banana and took my tablets and popped the heating on and now back in bed for this big ole house to heat up.

Off to suppliers in a bit so have to make a list of what I need.   I always get there and go blank… Not because they have so much, it’s because they have so little!

I now this is going to be a good year… I feel it this year… Anyone else like that?

Going to enjoy my bed for a moment longer… Toodle pip!  X


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