Death and Loss… Sad and Happy ..

Mixed feelings today… feeling very sad as it is 1 year today that my lovely little Ollie passed away.  Who is Ollie, those may ask who have not read my blog from the start…. he was my bestest buddy, always there, made me laugh, made me cry and I miss him, my darling little rabbit, he used to think he was a dog.  He would run up to me when I got home… sit with me in the evenings and I had to sit and stroke his head with my foot… didn’t want to be on my lap… but always under your feet :)… was there for me through some very dark times of saddness and lifted my spirits.  He loved going home to France when we did, I am sure people thought we were an odd couple taking him home… but he loved running through the house as it was bigger and more space for him to do his runs and twists.


Yes I miss him, even making me cry this morning.  The sun is shining today and I know that he would be out in the garden having fun.. he hated the rain and would sit at the door and wait or it to stop to go out. He was a funny bunny, he really had his quirks.  Sometimes I am sure I catch sight of him and then think.. oh hes gone and feel sad.  But I know with the sun shining today he will be in heaven with my sister causing havoc eating all the flowers and he is happy.  I always say when the sun shines it is my sister looking down and smiling on us.. and now she has my bestest buddy.


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