Burning Mouth

Is that because I am always talking… well I might not be on here but I am in my mind always so much to do and so little time to do it… where does our time go… we get up thinking… I will do …. today!   Yes and before you know it the time has gone… where did it go?  How come I never actually got round to doing all the things I wanted to do today…. will I ever get to do all the things I want… what do I actually want… would I like it anyway… maybe not as there would be distractions… (that was actually a brief second of my mind that I have typed for you!  So imagine being me haha… or are you like that?

Anyway… that isn’t the reason my mouth is burning… I have had some WW tuna bean and sweetcorn from a tin on some very small jacket spuds for lunch and geesh it is hot!

For breakfast I had 3 clematines (None left down pfft!) a banana and muller light yogurt.

Exciting… thinking of changing my blog… and doing just one on my own as I have been trying to keep this up for both of us.. but seeing as A doesn’t like posting and is always busy I might do an add on…. what do you think?

Think thin people x


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