La Stone, Spray Tan Training

Yes I am already a fully qualified Beauty/Holistic Therapist, Nail Tec, NVQ Assessor, Teacher, Course Writer….. Not sure if I have ever mentioned it before…. must have seeing as I said  I starting up again.


I am now looking at some new training… I already do manual tanning.. but this spray tan is just so quick etc… not as good I think but if that is what people want then that is what they can get….I already do Swedish Massage.. but nice to have the added freatures of this one.

Emailed this training provider near me asking for more information and dates on the training….wooohooo this is going to be 2000andme!

I also want to do the lash perming but having a problem finding that in my area… but one step at a time.

Too the dog for a walk earlier and I have to say he is work out lol and must admit that I am too, but I want to take this peaceful time to work on the price list… grr I will get it done!!!


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