Here we go again!

Another year and another thought that… Wish I had stuck to it all and things would be different now…. does that make sense? Ahh think this will say it all.


This is life though isn’t it… we start something distracts us, we easily give and hey presto another year has gone by! Drat and drouble drat!!

I have seen that our council are giving away 12 weeks of either SW or WW but you have to have a certain BMI and not been to one in the last 6 months. I think there are a couple of other criteria… but I know I pass…mind you I did get a 6 week one before but hated the class.

So I have tried to persuade my daughter to come with me to one, she has finally agreed, not that she doesn’t want to it is just that I live a little further away. I am one that needs to have a partner or someone to bounch how I am doing with another… I never needed to but at the moment I really feel that the support will help me to kick start this as I tend to fail and then start again and again.


B: Muller Lite, orange and tablets for head
L: Last nights dinner (don’t ask) Chilli and rice HB
D: No idea yet.

Right I can’t sit here writing to you lot I have to go and get OH prescription… bad eye bless him and also post a letter.

Tonight I am going to work on the price list for my treatments and then have to change my website so hopefully that will keep me busy and not eat!!

Think thin Think thin… be postitive. x

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