Din Dins……think was too naughty!

Ahh well didn’t do too well with the dinner and meant to take a photo of it… as I think if I take a photo of everything I eat might make me think OMG woman stop!!!!!

Enchilatas not even sure if I spelt that right!  luckily the wraps were small and I had 3.. thats bad isn’t.. isn’t go on tell me that is isn’t it!  I didn’t do them with chicken I did it with diced pork..  okay well that was all I had in!  I did plump it out with mushroom and onion was going to do more veg but OH half doesn’t like it…. ooo forgot it is 2000andme year!


Anyway some cheese grated on the top.. I always find grated goes far more than sliced and broken up!…

In the end I didn’t eat all the meat as I just didn’t fancy the meat. 

Right I have to work on my BMI and then write to the council and get the 12 week tokens and also have to do price list… no I didn’t get a chance to do it today … geesh so tired!


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