Trigeminal Neuralgia, Move, A and E, Operation, Recoup and Survive!

Yes…. this has been it all in a nutshell!

No sooner do I move that the Trigeminal Neuralgia I have gets worse and worse … to the point that my daughter took me to A and E where my neurosurgeon was on call and hey presto… that day and operation and stay over night at the hospital.

Back and then shipped off to my god-mother for a week of R and R… where I had cups of tea in bed with mountains of tablets that were still not working!  But less pain than I had had in a very long time.  Mr Oliver came with me… but he was a tinker… but I was lucky my Godmother was just taking over everything. I know normally I say she is rather controlling… but believe me I really needed it and still feel like I do!

Back home to boxes and still more boxes that need unpacking but a new dishwasher Yay! like I really want to be in the kitchen at the moment.

There is so much to do and christmas is soon approaching and I have done nothing. Oh yes and so is he pain… creeping its ugly head again…. when will it ever stop!  Please spread the link

I have felt rather alone at times…. during my unexpected visit to A and E  and the quick operation that day that I wasn’t expecting…. my daughter texted my father….. what did he do… text back and said I was in the best place.  That’s it…. nothing more… didn’t want to come and see me…. try and offer and olive branch.

Today I found myself crying… wondering why my father doesn’t love me.  You see it was his birthday not long ago and Christmas coming and I miss him so very much.. the laughs we used to have… the hustle and bustle… but there we go.. all the tears can fall but nothing will change.

I have a family that is odd and a facial condition that is even odder and extremely painful!

But hey I still have a beautiful daughter, and OH and of couse you lot to moan to… thanks for putting up with me and hope you missed me!.. what not even a little bit? x


Also I have A to thank so very much,…. as if it were not for her one night staying up and talking to me, making me see things differently (while I was having an attack) without her I wouldn’t be here now…love you lots A xxxxx


2 thoughts on “Trigeminal Neuralgia, Move, A and E, Operation, Recoup and Survive!

  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve been back in hospital, hope things improve for you. It’s a shame that your father didn’t make the effort, but he is the one losing out, I’m sure he’ll realise it soon enough. As for Christmas, we are in the same boat – at least you have reasons!!!

    • Thanks Helen. I am a very family oriented person…but just have to learn that it just reduced. Very sad about my father ..but just heard my twin brother is still blaming me for his lack of business skills…how is one to defend herself. Gosh finally feeling tired ..only had 2 hours sleep last night. Thanks for your keep smiling xx

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