Mediumship – Only just begun

Just got to get back to packing but those that are interested in spiritualism then read this blog… came across this guy…. seems good so far so great to follow along.

Developing Medium

Never Alone

So I started off really well! I continued going to the development group for a few weeks and all I wanted to do was mediumship to connect with those who had crossed over.  I found after my initial success that I started to get used to being able to actual do this.  I felt comfortable, relaxed with it.  However I’m usually outgoing and will tell anyone anything! However I decided with my mediumship I wanted to keep it mainly to myself, and I only told the very close people in my life, what I was doing.

I had accepted this was what I wanted to do, even though I still didn’t know why, I just did.

I submerged myself into everything to do with mediums.  I used to watch all the top mediums like John Edward, Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell. I started to attend my local spiritual churches.  Which…

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