Tablets and not the electronic sort!

Can I take anymore!!!

Right I am losing count on how many I take a day now.  I went back to the drs again today and it was brilliant news!  Well in way…no to the osteoarthritis… gout.. kidney problems… blah  blah… but that still didn’t give me the result to what was wrong lol

Besides she said keep taking the tablets that I am on and see me in a few weeks.!  Well that is another thing… because I am moving they may not allow me to stay on there as I will be out of the catchment area!  The receptionist spoke to me like I was 5 years old!  That did annoy me a little but I didn’t say anything.

The ATN is still playing up… the meds are also making me feel tired all the time… and I mean all the time… I am having to type this over and over as I am making so many mistakes.  So I have upped those 200. mg a day and the dr said I have to have an afternoon dose as they are not slow release but she said I seem to know what I am doing so she trusts my judgement!  What a poor state of affairs when you go to the drs and you know more about a condition than what they do!


Well sorry I am so tired… but wanted to nip in and say Hi… hope you are all well….. geesh I am moving soon and the house is a tip but that is normal with moving… take care fellow bloggers x




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