Orientally Infused Diet Coke Turkey…

One to try!

Bees On The Horizon


Based on one of the many slimmers staples, Diet Coke Chicken, I swapped out the chicken for turkey (it was a special in LIDL) and added an oriental twist to add a tantalising taste sensation.

Syns:  FRESS!!!!  /  Tastiness:  7 our of 10  /  Number of pans:  2  /  Prep Time: 20 minutes  /  Pan Time: 30 minutes


Turkey (400g or so)
Carrots x 3
Diet Coke x 1 Can
Light Soy Sauce x 2 tbl spoons
Passatta Sauce x 5 tbl spoons
A splash of Worcestershire Sauce
Root Ginger (about an inch) grated
Dried egg noddles
Chinese five spice x 3 tsp

  1. Chop till you drop – chop the ginger, leeks and carrots into thin strips, the broccoli into florettes and the turkey and onion into chunks
  2. Mix diet coke, 1 x tbl spoon soy sauce and, passatta and five spice in a…

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