In the car what damage can I do?

Oh.. Rather a lot believe me…. I do not drive.. But when I feel my OH speaks to me like I am some b#####y idiot my mind races!  


Don’t get me wrong, I am not a violent person by any means.. But sometimes I could just scream.

Sat here feeling very fat… I was doing the usual foolish thing all us tubbies do when we get dressed…. What makes us look a size 10….And get everything out of the wardrobe… In the end we kid ourselves we are okay.

What do I have on… Black boots, leggings and spaghetti top.. With flowing top over and a 3/4 length sleeve cardi.. Hair down for a change and I don’t look anything like a size 10!  100 maybe.. But 10 no!  I know we are to visualise what we want… But each bump in the car reminds me I do not have the body of Angelina Jolie!   Besides the fact she is properly twice my height lol.

Off to the in laws atm…. OH driving and wanting water which is in the back of the car… Which heavens above my bad shoulder that should bend like flipping spaghetti doesn’t reach it.   I packed the water for Mr O anyway!


Ahh and here comes the road works and OH has turned the radio up with sport on…. Brilliant.

Good point to the day… I am getting a lamb roast dinner… Yum!


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