Yes this is the time!

I am sat here at my laptop at 3.07 am in the morning… why…?  I dunno really.  I keep saying to myself.. go to bed… sleep.. then thoughts pop into my head and it is like the start of a new day!

Do you get nights like that?

I seem to get my fair share of them.

So what is on my mind… well besides the fact that my family are royal pains and that I am on the move again… and knowing that once I make this move there will be members of my family that I doubt will ever speak to me again!

Starting my business again from there.  Having to redecorate etc and get open… Yes I am going to work from home.  I was going to go into a salon but then thought twice about it at the moment.  Plus I have a whole room that I can use for my Beauty… goodness like going back to square one when I started off.  But that is fun but nerve testing, thought provoking and tiring and fun!

I know there are so many things I should be doing … planning.. sorting .. packing… but it is like the rebel in me says NOPE!  I have noticed this person in me lately who is really naughty!  If someone wants me to do something I don’t want to do … I seem to put my foot down and I was never like that before.

Well Mr O is asleep on the floor dreaming and I always hate to wake him to bring him to bed…. yes he has trashed the floor again.. dragged his toys out.. ripped up wrappers the usual of a night.  But guess I have to go and pick him up.  If I don’t he will wake and bark at the slightest sound and get stressed out.  Hoping he is going to cope with Bonfire night and all the fireworks!

Right I am going to try to get some sleep.

Oooo… colours… raspberry and grey….black and white… cream and blue…I don’t want chocolate colours as the room is too small.  Ideas would be nice and I can mull them over… come on you lot.. ty 🙂


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