Mars bar….work rest and play… rubbish!

Yep I was naughty.. yet again… when am I not naughty.. I think I spent so many years of my life being good.. doing as I am told.. always being in the right place at the right time.. saying the right thing… you get the picture that now all I want to do is be NAUGHTY!!

But being naughty is only a self destruct button for myself.. and even though I do reason with myself.. it is like this person says inside.. Yeah go on!  Yeah go on.. how can I do this to myself… I mean I don’t like being like I am and it is just getting worse….

Oh another thing.. my sister turns 50 this year and she was talking about it and what are you going to get me…she then went on to say that she was thinking of … reeling of names of her friends and some of my family . then added my daughter about going out to a purfume place and we all design out own purfume… I thought that was a lovely idea.. then it dawned on me… she reeled everyone off and not me!

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