Who’s doing Red and Green Days ..Slimming world…Anyone?

Okay I have been thinking… I know it is only a short time since I have posted… but I am looking for a person or persons that are doing Red and Green days with Slimming world.

Why,. well I have tried the EE and it doens’t work for me and I would like to follow and work with someone who does Red and Green although I eat a lot of green myself…. but I convert the red to my liking where I can.

So if anyone is up for it … then let me know… we can support one another!  Here is hoping to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “Who’s doing Red and Green Days ..Slimming world…Anyone?

  1. I’m following Extra Easy myself so cant help here, but I follow another blog of a lady who does 5 green and 2 Original days a week. Its called http://weightlossbitch.com/
    She’s got a hell of a lot to loose, but has also lost a hell of a lot. She posts everything she eats every day and is a strong advocate for SW so may be worth a look!
    Hope it helps!

  2. I usually do EE, but I had a green day yesterday for a change, and I’m going to throw those in from time to time for a bit of variety (and extra cheese)! Haven’t tried red yet, may give it a go soon. x

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