Boxes, Box, Boxed….

Boxes boxes every where or am I just boxed in!

Well here we are on another day!  The rain is pouring outside and I have the heating on  ..Oppsy!

There are boxes layed flat packed in the hallway ready for my belongings to go in…I just have to sumons the energy to fill them now!  Do you ever look around and just feel sooooo overwhelmed by it all.  I should be used to it as this will be my 14th move in my life!

14 moves.. flipping heck!  That is one lot of moves well 14 to be exact! lol.  We still own number 12 and that is our retreat… how I love going home but then know when we get there it is just time to do the massive garden and clean and then time to come back to normality of the UK again….bah!

Anyway… I feel the sainsbury food online shopping coming on then it is time to fill some boxes.  The heating is still on… must turn that off!

Happy Wednesday everyone… really must think about losing this weight that also drags me down…. the family have gone… just the weight now… do you think I will feel better at the end of it all… I wonder!

Keep smiling. (just because we have to confuse people)


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