Where has it gone!…………

I can’t find it anywhere… I have sort of looked in this room.. the kitchen and the hall.

Did think of looking upstairs but I know that it isn’t up there… not in the downstairs bathroom … or the rear garden…I have searched my mind… but I just don’t know where it can be!

What am I talking about… enthusiasm!! ..

I need to pack.. clear the house .. get organised but instead I am sat on my arse feeling sorry for myself.. really in a way mouring the loss of a family that really didn’t give a c**p or only did when they wanted something…. it does hurt you know!




I have to do something or the OH is going to come home and say… “Not used those boxes again today” and look at me like the slob that I am becoming.  I would be just happy to curl up and sleep.

Not called to drs yet either to see if the results are back in… never looked up half the things he was testing me for.. would be scared to death if I did.


I feel like eating crap but luckily we don’t have any in…. but mentally my mind is scouring the cupboard thinking what can I have if I drag my stupid arse carcus off the chair and go and get it.


Onwards and upwards eh!  We have to keep smiling and if nothing else I think I am a size 10 today just to make myself feel better and no one can take that away from me!   (smile)


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