I am ALIVE….

I see you didn’t miss me then!

Charming… no it’s okay.. I forgive you. I know I haven’t posted.

I went off track… why.. well did I tell you I went to see this woman about taking over the beauty section in her salon.. and that she said I was too over qualified..I am so tired of being told this.  Just because I take my profession as serious matter.. how can I be too over qualifed.  Anyway.. I did feel really down about this… How can anyone turn down a chance with improving their business at no cost to them…. I can see now that I must have been a threat to her.

Anyway… I had an urge to walk up the road where I live and I found another hair salon and I spoke to her and she is really interested as she is opening a new salon in January and will be looking to take on a Therapist to run their own department.

Great eh… she is really nice.. but already she doesn’t seem happy about working later hours as I would find that most of my clients would be working class and may want a nice treatment on the way home etc.  I know about lone working but wouldn’t do males while i was in the property alone.  Plus she said I want you in Friday and Saturday and I thought what only those days?  But wants rent… I don’t think you can restrict hours if you are charging rent….. but I have spoken to her regarding this matter and she seems happy to start off with a percentage.

You see I am going to have to kit the whole thing out… that means couch, stools, nail table, chairs, all all products and this isn’t going to be cheap so I will need to have clients and to pay rent on top!  Well you get my drift.

So going to work on that with her.. Just not sure what to offer her… would I be tight offering her 20%  I mean she doesn’t have to do anything for it does she.  I will take my own bookings… own phone.. own advertising etc What do you think?  I do think 30% is too high as I will then have to take out tax and stamp and travel etc

Mind you I haven’t even seen the size of the room yet… I did ask if I could have a sink and she said there might not be room… I am not thinking how small is it!!!

I did put to her about a website and a blog and facebook etc but she didn’t like that idea very much… but to be honest I did.. so I will just have to advertise myself.  I have ideas already for my brochure… so not sure we are going to have a combined one… but I have decided to get my own insurance just in case I do get out work.  So all exciting.


FOOD… oh I have been a pig and hated myself for it.  Today is Friday and I threw myself on the scales this morning half expecting to have put back on what I had lost and was very shocked to see that I hadn’t put anything on at all!

I haven’t been great today… have a birthday party tomorrow.. OH has already had a go at me about going… I want to take MrO and he said yeah but not taking the car and it is one long very long walk through not so nice areas..okay getting there… but don’t think a taxi will allow dogs in.  So that kicked him off to have a go at me!  I think he just wanted an excuse to be honest.

I have to book our tunnel tickets to go back tomorrow for next week I think and the vet to get MrO chip checked before we go to make sure that he is okay.  I was hoping that the new beauty catalogues will come before I go back so I have some time to look over them.

Anyway.. getting late.. so better shut up… Hope you are all well .. speak soon and I am going to try and keep on track tomorrow.. x

Oh I had a letter from the hospital to say that they would be happy to take a look at me for the condition that they aid to see if I can get on the list for Bariatric surgery.. but I doubt it.. Also I am not sure that the specialists have it right this time as it doesn’t feel the same and haven’t been able to drop it down due to it being uncomfortable.  Keep you updated! X

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