Hip Hip…No Horray Here!

Painful hips!

Didn’t get to bed till gone 5 am… yes this is me stressing … wondering will I get a chance to get a foot in the door and get back into the trade or I won’t!  I don’t like waiting.. it drives me nuts… The girl there that does some of the beauty asked me to shellac her toes, and I text her today and she text back to say we can do it when I get back… but I thought is that was a bit odd.. so I sent her a quick text to say that I hope I hadn’t upset her and had thought about what she said and I only wanted to do a few hours and it was up to Beryl and the girls… but I never heard anything back!

Guess what… that has stressed me out even more!  I don’t have my appointment till Friday and I was thinking of moving it forward… in hoping to find out sooner… but now I am thinking I have the answer already… unless she is upset that I have a chance or not… see I am driving myself nuts!

Took MrO to the park again… OH and I … and I have some new insoles as I am totally flat footed and I have been wearing them for a couple of days now and they are working but geesh my hips are killing me lol… it is amazing isn’t it.. how being flat footed can misaline the whole body…I just have to get used to them now… I do feel I am standing straighter though.

Todays Food:

Beans.. shouldn’t have had them.. havoc with the stomach acid

Gammon HB.. potatoes.. Pitta 5 syns..salad

I made up Lemon and Lime sugar free jelly 2 sachets of it… but made mine with 0% Fromage Frais so it is lovely and if I want to eat the whole lot it is only 3 syns!

So that is my day…. how was yours? Speak later x




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