It’s Offical..

My OH has sat on his pc all day… playing Warlord… I think they call it .. used to be Galaxa or something or other.. I find them so stressful… even watching now lol

I have had a late dinner, and for some reason still feeling hungry.. and MrO is sh*****g his teddy!

Is it? Is it really..

My fault I guess I am still hungry… not the dog thing lol….I shouldn’t eat so late.  So today what have I had….

Eggs.. far too many I think 5 but they were small….

Bowl of rice with quark cinnamon and vanilla …lovely!!

and Pork, beans, sweetcorn and mash with cheese…. HA and HB.. also had a bit of milk so that I might count as my other HA.

Syns so far… well I have a fudge so shall I have to look up the syns on that or I could have some maltesers… but I did have some last night… I am so gawd damn naughty!

OMG I demolised it.. it was 6 syns after I looked on the net..

I can’t get the tune out of my head from when I was a kid… …..

A finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat

A finger of fudge is just enough until its time to eat

It’s full of cadbury goodness very small neat

A finger of fudge is just enough until its time to eat hahahhaha

Was it small and neat… cause I tell you they are so darn small now to what they where when I was a kid!

I have watched two films today and stressed about if this woman is thinking it is a good idea that I go into her salon or not… I am bloody good at what I do.. and I just want a little place to start practicing again.  Breathe in Breathe out lol…

My twin brother has split from his psycho girlfriend…. can’t say I am not pleased as I am… but my heart goes out to him… he is so darn handsome and it is her bloody loss… *does a kartwheel and thinks he will now find someone good*

Okay enough dribble for now!… speak tomorrow.. night peeps. x


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