I Missed It!…..1st Year Anniversary….doh

How can we have missed our first year anniversary…..it’s an important event right?

We should always  mark an occasion…even with a few words if nothing else …how can we have missed it??????

A year or now more of our lives shared….and nothing… not a dickybird… a peep.. diddlysquat!

Well I am sorry. guess I was so wrapped up in myself to notice….

So thank you all for those who have followed me and A in our blog…. sadly it seems to be more me than A at the moment but that is okay… I talk enough for both of us… anyway…

Congrats on our 1st year of our blog…. all be it late.. oopsy but Yay!


So.. we have been going a year and I am more than happy… but I now look at myself and think.. Oh… I am not any further forward than I was a year ago weight wise lol… but it doesn’t matter.. I have rambled and tried and this is life and I am back on the wagon… A is doing well and I am waiting for an update so will let you have that when I know more.  Keep thinking slim… speak later x



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