I’ve Been!

I bet that made you look!

Now the waiting game….


It was okay… she was a lovely lady… we chatted and she couldn’t believe I was old enough to have a 24 year old… shit.. did I say that out loud … darn it!

Anyway… she is keeping a list of the treatments that I can do and I said I can do more and she is going to let me know when I go in for a facial on Friday.  I told her I was going home on Friday and that  I could bring my paraffin wax pot back etc and the old biddies would love that.. she seemed to like that…. but I HATE WAITING…. now I know the stress levels are just going to go through the roof… what I might do on Tuesday is ring and change the appointment to wednesday afternoon… hahah… that will give me two days less.. I am sure she will have made her mind up anyway the second I walked out he door anyway. KEEP EVERYTHING CROSSED FOR ME. Do it!!

I am feeling peckish.. went on a big walk round the park with MrO before going and gave him some treats before trying to sneak out the door… but it didnt’ work… he still was upset.. I hate it when he is.

I have a set of nail infills to do at 3.00 so have to get cracking.. will speak later x

Oh.. breaky was mixed fruit and a dollop of quark.. think I will do curry for dinner …

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