The Chicken Crisps Are Out To Get Me!

After yet another long walk.. I did take some photos earlier on today of MrO and I at the park and not sure why they haven’t posted… will check that tomorrow.

So tonight we went out again.. but to his fav park with OH too… and did we take a walk and a half.. we went right down to this river.. but it was so steep the trek down… and then thought crap I have to get back up… Some of the steps were more than half of the length of my leg… so that was a real workout I tell you.

He didn’t want much for dinner but had 4 cheese dripping toasts!  But I was good and had spaghetti and phili cheese.. it was the light one so I had just under 114gs that I could for two HA’s… so was okay with that.

Then came the dreaded Walkers Chicken Crisps… they are out to get me I am sure… but okay.. I think I had maltesers last week and the darn crisps and still lost the massive 6lb.  But then I did spend most of the night running up and down to pee lol


Anyway… I am getting a little anxious as how to plug myself tomorrow…. I am a competent person… but don’t want to come across as pushy…I am passionate about what I do but this can come across as a know it all .. so I just have to listen and see if she is interested… so will have to let you know.  THEN.. if she says yes… say to me pay for the room…then how much do I offer….or should I just suggest the percentage base.. Mmm I will play it by ear.. I mean she may not think it is for her anyway and is happy to keep her business just plodding.

Well I am tired all this walking… my lovely godmother got me some great insoles for my flat feet and I put them in some trainers … of which I never wear … but they were okay…. so my feet and I are going to rest now… speak soon.. keep thinking thin x

Syns today…. Crisps (darn things THEY HATE ME!) 9.5

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