Fat, Fat, Fat, Fat, Fat… and Fat….

I have said FAT 6 times…. why is that…. are you really wondering why?  Well are you?  It is weigh in today….and I have lost….


6lb of FAT.. my loss this week.


I am just over the moon.., well okay I am not… but I am really pleased with myself.

Last night I had maltesers again.. naughty naughty.. but I only had 17g so that made it say 5 syns… so I have had chocolate and those darn naughty crisps lol… but lots of healthy food which I have enjoyed and missed so much!


To celebrate I took Mr O and I to the park and sat there for a while in the sun… we never sit there.. we just walk… but seeing as it was a nice day and I was so happy .. why the heck not… I took a couple of apples one for him one for me and some paperwork.  Lovely

Also today I have made a decision to call the salon up the road where I had the pedicure to see if I can offer my services.  Well after looking at their brochure and what I can do and offer… I thought I would give it a go.  What have I got to lose.. nothing really!

I did speak to the girl and she said oh do you want to take the beauty on.. not that it was hers to do and of course the last thing I want to do is do her out of a job, but she does hairdressing and I don’t …so I was thinking….

I could either offer to rent the room once a week to start off with and take my own products.


Use her products and room insurance etc… and she give me a percentage, but then she can look at what I could bring to the business.

So if I did a facial… say for 25.00 and I took say 70% it would be so bad… but fingers crossed for them eh!


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