Mmmmmm… Meatballs



I used very lean mince pork for this recipe…..


1 egg and mix the meat and egg together really well and roll into balls around the same size.  I did 5 each.. more than ample worked approx 130gms meat each.


In a pan on the stove  (ark at me Dehlia Smith lol) add:


1 tin of chopped tomatoes

2 sweetners (takes out the acid bitterness of the tomatoes- brill for us who suffer with heart burn)

2 chopped onions


2 cloves of garlic



Small squirt of tomato paste.


Warm through…



Add the meatballs carefully and when they have been in about five minutes (not boiling just simmering) carefully with a two spoons turn them over.

I cooked these ahead and they are fantastic… these were cooked at 4.oo pm today but we didn’t eat till gone 7pm… they are quick to make and you can change the ingredients, try adding some flaked chilli to spice it up.. lovely.  Anyway where was I… oh yes .. I made them and then put them on the slow cooker… I used the pan from that to cook them in… I left them there to cook through.

You can serve these with pasta or even just on their own..

Sorry seeing as I only do green days really I’d only know the syns for this .. and the meat would be used as a HB and the rest is free!

I have put a picture below… I added some of my cheese sprinkled over the top… was Mmmmmmmm Marvellous!



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