Salad Bonanza!



I was so hungry before my nap I had some bathchelors Cheese and Brocolli and added green beans and sweet corn… well that was it.. I did nod off then!  All syn free.

Salad above…. now that was yum… I had WW pitta 5 Syns

Cheese x 2 – HA

Tuna x 1 – HB00.3

Eggs… think I am having to many.. they were small but I ended up having 4!

Seasoning and lemon juice

It was icking lovely!!!!


It is now 00.34 am and I am feeling so tired again… I think it might be the stress of this morning.  I have been trying to find out more about this condition… I did see a treatment for it on youtube… wish I never looked now.

Anyway… to tired….I want to sleep .. again!  At least I am not eating while I am sleeping.

Speak soon x


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