Tonight I treat myself…Mmmm Maltesers!

What a day.. I didn’t get my fruit and quark that I planned on having for breakfast till around 3.30pm or my morning medication .. the day has been totally taken up with my brother and his paperwork!  Yes of course I have a thumping headache…

The OH came home early, the asda delivery came and that was wrong… then my brother returned with more paperwork.. just as my sister in law turned up to have her nails done.

So what did I get for dinner… finally after cooking OH steak salad and pitta bread… I had my quota of pork HB and salad with a pitta bread.. 5 syns and some eggs.  I have also had two small apples.

Anyway I am now snuggling down to watch Frankie and my 16 Maltesers which is 37 g at 9.5 syns… so today that is 14.5 syns…so sorry can’t stop and chat!

Oooo sooooooooooo good!!


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