Lazy Morning To Say The Least!

Yep I said it… soooooooooooo lazy this morning!

It is my fault with staying up till 5 am chatting on the internet to not sure if she is an Aunt or Cousin… well family… anyway it was lovely.

I did wake with gusto and have been sat at my pc looking through FB.. terrible thing that FB.. so addictive… I have a lot to do and so little time to do it in…

I must get some photocopying done today

Finish some of the necklaces

Become a size 10

Take some photos

Become a size 10

Get them on Ebid

Become a size 10


Did I mention I wanted to be a size 10… in my dreams .. but not to worry.. it is okay… I don’t aim to ever be that size… but would be happy just smaller than I am now… and with that I don’t mean shorter as I am fighting to say 5ft 2″… but others say 5ft.. bah

I have my berries out for breakfast…not had them yet… or my tablets or water so I have to get my large butt in order.

Also Neuro surgeon tomorrow… ekk!

Oh I had a lovely cup of coffee last night so that was my ha used up and then I had some ham and new pots and celery… that was my hb used too well one of them!

Asda order coming today… have a set of nails to do and clean the house walk the dog… OMG.. let me go I will be back later x

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