Mixed Berries and Fromage Frais


Breakfast and it is lunch time… where do the hours in the day go!


I have just been looking at this lovely ladies site… and she like the rest of us beat ourselves up cause we don’t lose the weight quick enough.  I know I will be and have done the same.

We really need to STOP this.  It is detremental to our mind set isn’t it.  (Can you tell I am feeling positive today)!!! lol

I know I will catch myself moaning that I wanted to lose more.. of course we all want to lose more… but as I said to her… it didn’t take a week to put on.. or even a month!  So we have to consider this.  Not nice I know.. but just a fact, so we have to deal with it don’t we.

After telling her that I have just watched my OH consume crisps, bakewell tart and now bacon sandwiches and I am tucking into mixed berries and FF…I have to say to myself…. I am beautiful… I am lovely… I am going to do this and one day that skinny b*******d will be fat and know what it is like to be me now! lol

I have no idea yet what I am going to do for dinner…. I think I will do an asda order.  I have my sister in law coming for her shellac nails tomorrow night also my daughter.. she comes once a week for dinner and to get her nails done too.  Think it might be a slimming world curry tomorrow… it means I can eat with everyone… or they can eat what I eat, I don’t feel left out and of course I slim in the process.

Oh don’t get me wrong… he wanted a take out.. TYPICAL!!

Speak later…


If you would like to read her blog that I mentioned earlier… here is the link.. hope I do this right… http://leavingthecouchbehind.wordpress.com

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