Delissssssious.. Cheese and Brocolli Pasta and The END of the WORLD !


Yummy lunch

Yes another Batchelors Cheese and Brocolli Pasta sauce things.. I made up… with no butter or milk…. just water.

I don’t mind it that way… I added sweetcorn as I love it.. and my HA of Cheese flaked over the top with lots of cracked pepper.. don’t need salt it is salty enough…

Just lush and just what I needed after a hike with MrO and OH…and while I am being naughty tucking into this while typing this to you I can hear the OH in his computer room eating yet more CRISPS.

While out walking in the heat.. my OH spotted an ice cream van and for the life of me I couldn’t remember what I could or couldn’t have syn wise and couldn’t ask the guy behind there and I am not a member of SW so no app I didn’t take my phone anyway (wanted the peace and quiet) my OH kept saying … “Shall we have an ice cream”? over and over…. then he said “Oh you won’t have one will you”  as if the end of the world has come!  I calmly said … No but I will have a drink of Diet Coke!   Good compromise right eh!  I thought so too!

So we strolled over and to both our horror the guy didn’t have any change for a £10.00 so we couldn’t get anything anyway!  Then I wanted to throw myself on the floor and scream like a 5 year old as I had gone through all of that trauma for god damn nothing!  Who the heck goes to work with no change when you sell small items!  This guy did haha

Anyway I can’t sit here and type to you all day.. I have emails to answer and an Asda shopping trip to do… ONLINE of course lol….. speak later x


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