Day Three… 16/6/13 All is well.. Someone knock me out! Potato Cheese Scones Fab!

Right yes I am on day three!  Yes I am doing okay.

It is Fathers day and nope I didn’t hear from mine… I did try again to message him but no reply.  It is a sad world we live in… but as I said I can’t beat myself up anymore.  I love him and he knows it and thats it.

So whats with fathers day… My OH gets waited on hand and foot anyway and he isn’t my father!  Daughter has been and gone… we all had dinner together which was lovely… I know DINNER TOGETHER.

I got a ham in and we roasted it.  They had roasted spuds I had boiled.  They had crackling.. I had.. extra veg.. they had gravy.. I had seasoning… they had pudding … I cried inside hahaha!

So food today…

My water and tablets… started to cut down on some of the meds… so was only 3 tablets this morning instead of 4.

I have just realised I didn’t have any breakfast.. tut tut.

I made the potatoe cheese scones I posted about from someones blog the yesterday…  I just went to find them to put the link on again but can’t find them… sorry.. but they were…as follows.

I used mash.. Tesco as no added butter or milk…

1 tesco pot of low fat tesco cottage cheese with chive (but can use any flavour just watch for syns!)

1 egg


hot water if using smash (mash from tesco)

Mixed the mash (can use real pots if you want and mash) add cottage pie egg and mix together.  If found it was better not to have the mixture too dry ot too wet.  then I rolled them between two dessert spoons on a non stick baking sheet.. sprayed with  frylight and pop in the oven.

Now I did cook mine last night but thought oh can’t eat them… and when I went to them today they looked a bit erm not soggy but not crispy… so I put them back in the oven till crispy and well I would have a photo but they were all eaten!

Some would say they are like erm… Irish Scones etc but these have no flour.  I think they would be nice with different herbs.. and I think they could handle them.  Also it would be great to make them thinner and do some healthy dips .

BTW these are syn free on Green and I guess on EE… but you would have to count them in red I guess for the carbs.


Anyhow I had a few of them… I was lucky to get a few as they were being eaten so fast by my daughter and her friend .. which was great as I knew then that they liked them!

Lunch all be it a little late!

Pork/Ham HB

Roasted veg, – parsnips, carrots, courgette and boiled potatoes

and some grapes for dessert.

One box for me and NONE for you lol

I am tempted to have some maltesers as they are my favourite and I looked in my book and it said a 37g bag is 9.5 syns and I haven’t really had any had any this week yet bar 3 I think it is.  But to be honest I worry that if I do start lol I might not stop and it is easy to start and carry on and say…I will start tomorrow…. and who am I letting down… ME!

I also got out today.. flipping raining again and MrO doesn’t like the rain… I got wet but I was quick.  I needed to go to the shop and they are the only shop I know that I can take him in.  I wouldn’t leave him outside as I know when I got back out there he would be gone as he so adorable.

Again I threw myself on the scales.. I know… just wanted to know I am going in the right direction… and this is why I don’t want to break!

As for the video yet… I am still looking so I can keep up with that.

Not sure what to do for dinner yet.  To be honest I am feeling rather tired and could just go to sleep!


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