Ekky Thump!! Oh and Happy Fathers Day to all those Dads out there!

Okay so what is it with me!

I find some software that I think yep I can use both audio etc from my laptop and not have to convert etc as I am really not into that tecno stuff and now it won’t work… I got two days out of it.. I guess that was something so I am on the hunt for another now.

So if anyone knows of any good free software that I can download to use then brill! Please do post.



My day… thought yay going great…

Prepped dinner… thinking this is going to be great and to be honest all was except the celeric mash…. I hated it… and you know what happens when you hate something.. you feel cheated that you haven’t had your dinner and want!

But what else was in it..

Very lean mince pork







Stock cube

now that was lovely….


So … OH was home late again from work and I was hungry but the time he got in.  Bless him he was tired but wasn’t ready for dinner but what did he do… he held out a bag of goodies…

I took them to the kitchen and opened it with dread… only to find the following:

Walkers Crisp

Revels which he has big bag

Maltesers My fave and he got me a big bag

Syrup cake… which I can leave as I am not a real cake eater unless it is….

Bakewell tarts… darn it.. he got some.. and I can’t remember the last time I had one.



But how can I think that …. I think he thinks it makes me happy and yet I say don’t bring it home… He knws I love After Eight mints and lucky for me hasn’t brough any home for months thank goodness!  So how can I think that… we he keeps bringing junk food home.   I catch him sometimes looking at me and it makes me feel rather sick as I am sure he is thinking god what does she look like… she wasn’t like that when I married her.

This is when I start to feel so ashamed.. and the negative feelings come in more and more and I can then go on a spiral downwards and think whats the point.

NOPE.. not today…

I am feeling peckish though and it is time for bed.. so I might just have another pint of water.. but after getting up 4 times of more last night I am tired! lol

Tomorrow is Fathers Day… I haven’t spoken to mine.. I have sent him a text message… which I know he won’t reply to…. he may not even read… but I have wished him Happy Fathers day and I have told him that I love him and that no amount of him hating me will stop me loving him and should anything ever happen one day he is to know that I love him always…

This sounds dramtic to some… but losing my sister so quickly anything could happen anytime… and to be honest you think he would think about this and we pull together… but he has become very bitter towards me.  Anyway… enough of this as it is making me cry.



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