Positive Thoughts for Weightloss…..

Right the sun is out.. whoohoo!

Don’t we all like that… It sort of inspires me to do something with my life and asking OH if we are going to go out he said yeah lets go walk to the shop… wow that is 5 minutes up the road and when we get there we won’t be allowed in together as they won’t let MR O in… so that will be fun!  NOT  I know it is all about spending time together… but now I am just happy being sat in the front room typing away while he is in the dining room with the telly blaring and he is on his pc… and never the two shall meet!


My positive thoughts … let me tell you I kept waking in the night with all these thoughts and thought yep it must be time to start gearing up to get my life together again unless some B*******D wants to kick me back down!

But I had these tips I want to remind myself and you never know help others on their journey… that I can re read when I am feeling I want to slack!  So here goes…. (Are you still with me?)  Please note I will answer each one for myself… your answer will be probably completely different!


Think long and hard..

What is it that is going to motivate you to lose weight?

I have lost myself and I really want to find myself.  I watched Shirley Valentine and for some reason that always inspires me to find myself and get out of the drudgery of the norm and remember who was I?  Who am I?  Where and I going?  What do I want?

Also I want to feel a lot healthier that I do now.  I miss who I was which I know was the past… but for goodness sake as she says in the film… stop saying “Oh your 42… say I am only 42”

Seeing the changes.. and maybe I should take a photo of me every week and weight myself everyday.. as I know some would say this a little obsessive but to start with until you see the changes you can get disheartened!  If this will keep me on track then why not!

Dig out all my cook books… I love to cook and have got into the Shirley Valentine… this on a monday or tuesday….. I used to do some wonderful dishes and if the OH doesn’t want it or like it… tough!

Why do you want to lose weight?

I know I mentioned a lot above… I have a wonderful daughter and one day she might have a child and I want to be here to see that.

I want to dance again… laugh again… love passionately again… smile with my heart not just with my facial muscles!  Get the drift.

Also I want to get back into some of the other clothes I had and buy some new ones lol.

Who are you honestly doing this for?

I have to do this for me… I have done everything for everyone else all my life and now IT’S MY TURN… by Diana Ross

I found that after I lost my sister and things went down hill… we moved countries and I hit rock bottom… Don’t get me wrong it hurts like crazy still.. even now writing this is making me cry.  I hit the bottom and I had to change me and I some how got the strength and lost weight and pulled my life together again.  Then I was in a car accident and things have gone down hill again.. the medication is causing weight gain, now a terrible head condition that I could have for the rest of my life.. and I am going deeper and deeper down that road… I DON’T WANT TO… so ME.

I think I have a right to feel good… (This is me having a positive day lol)  I have a right to be happy, to smile, laugh and live!

What tips and tricks do you think will keep you on your track?

Getting organised. As I said weighing everyday if I have to… and photos for inspiration.  Cooking again… and finding out what the next stage in my life is to be along with what do I WANT from my life.

Also my dearest friend A.. she is going through the surgery and I know she will support me as I will her.

To work hard on the MENTALLY section!


It is always important to stay hydrated…. yeah yeah you hear everyone say this…

Well it is true. Next time you are hungry or think you are.. have a glass of water and wait 5 minutes.  Your body is probably telling you it was thirsty.

Half the time we don’t drink enough water…. we need to keep our bodies hydrated as it helps with concentration but not only that it helps all our organs.  If our body dehydrates our bodily organs start to shut down!!  Do you want that?

Think of us as a leaf in the summer how beautiful we shine when we have all we need.. but as the seasons change the leaf starts to die and dehydrate…. We are the only ones that allow our season to change and we are in control of what we put into our body. Drinking helps also to flush all those built up toxins that are sitting around.

So to keep shining keep Hydrated!

3.  FOOD

Well we all like food or we wouldn’t be in this condition… some of us with the help of medication or health conditions that don’t make the matter any easier.

So what can we do…. We can sit and eat what the hell we like and carry on that downward hill and feel like shit.. come on don’t tell me you don’t or beat yourself up cause you have turned to food again!  But at the end of the day it isn’t giving us comfort is it… it is causing us more PAIN! Or are you one of those people who is REALLY happy with the way you are!  If you were you wouldn’t be reading this now would you!

What should we do?

Educate yourself with food.  What is good, what is bad, what you can have in moderation, portion control, never denying yourself anything or this will cause you to crave and binge.  The guess what after a binge you think “Why, I hate myself, oh I will start tomorow” the usual one liners that you have heard in your head many many times before.

Experiment with food!  Try out different herbs… join some forums for support on food.  Get a few of you together and make your own group! Carry some healthy options of fruit etc with you in case you are going to fall.

PLAN PLAN PLAN never give yourself the option to fail.

Eating out… well this isn’t easy is it… but study the menu.. as the staff to ask the chef how it is cooked.. hold the oil or the dressing.. come on your not stupid1

Eat 3 meals a day… yes 3.

Your body needs to be fed properly.  If you were lets say a Mercedes Benz and before each run you need to have oil, water and petrol before going for a run.  But each time you go out… you miss out on the oil… then the water… what is going to happen… THINGS ARE GOING TO BREAK DOWN.  So think of yourself as a well oiled machine that needs to be feed properly.


Before eating think…

Am I REALLY hungry?

Am I thirsty?

Is this a good choice?

Is there an alternative that is better for me?

Is it meal time or snack time, neither….why am I hungry.. (Did you have your 3 meals)

What healthy snack can I have?

PORTIONS…. is it too big?  Get a plate and get a permenant marker and draw on the plate your portion size.  I have on here one that I posted ages ago.

Is there enough healthy edible food there?

Have I had veg and fruit today more than fats?

ALWAYS QUESTION… this is YOUR LIFESTYLE CHANGE so you have to get in to a good habit.

When you finally have that beautiful plate of food in front of you what are you going to do.

1.  Sit at the table and eat it properly?

2.  Sit infront of the telly?

3. Scoff it down quickly so you can do something else?
When I say think about your food… also do this when you are eating it…. don’t just shovel it in because you are hungry.. Look at it…. taste it, smell it,.. enjoy every mouthful.  Put your knife and fork down between mouthfulls and CHEW!

You will eat far less if you do this.  You will feel full quicker and be eating less in no time!

Keep a food diary.. there is a food diary sheet here on this blog put on ages ago too.  But if you have a good week….look back at what made it work that week compared to others…did you eat more, drink more exercise more!


What is the first thing you think of when I say that word…Treats?

Is it food… cakes, chocolate, crisps?

Well is it?

It should be.. for us ladies.. a new lippy, handbag, pair of shoes maybe even a nice pamper treatment at the beauty salon, take a friend… go to a new park and take a long walk and enjoy the sun…. a long bath with lots of bubbles.. hey even a hair cut.

Guys… there are mamy there you can do but I would leave out the lippy and handbag.

So what we need to do is .. find something we want… and say right every so many lbs I lose.. I am going to get that!  This gives us something to work towards doesn’t it.

I also asked my godmother to sponsor me.  So every lb I lose she gives me a £1.00… isn’t that incentive… so I can then buy myself something at the end as a lovely treat!  Hopefully!  Why not if you don’t have a someone to do this… put some money in a pot every time for yourself!

Look at treats in the future as anything but food.  A visit to the zoo… going to see a friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

Keep reminding yourself why you are doing this too!



We have to be in the right frame of mind.  We have to stop beating ourselves up for being as we are.  Now is the time to start thinking “OKAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”

I want………. and to get this IS going to take some work.  You know that… no point in deny it is there?!  But I always say the way to do it is one step at a time.

Weight not coming off and feeling dishearetened……Yes I would love to say  I am going to lose 5 stone.  I get up tomorrow and have lost half a pound and then next week only a pound… that doesn’t seem like anything does it… not a dent in that 5 stone… so I feel like crap again and think what is the point.   BUT if I say right I want to lose 5 stone and I am aiming this month for half a stone… 7lbs… and I get to 5lb or 6lb… I am going to be chuffed!    You may even lose more how fantastic would that be.  So break it down.

TIME TO TACKLE… all your demons… what ever they are.  Mine is my biological mother never making me feel like that I am good enough and I have carried that through my life.  I have picked a husband who I know who loves me but is in a way very cold like her.  Everything is black and white.  WELL IT ISN’T!

Write down your points of what bothers you.

What is likey to stop you in your tracks.

Who will support you

Who will try to sabbotage your efforts

When are your weak moments

Why you really eat or turn to food

Time to be honest with yourself as this is the part that will cause you to fail if you don’t and there is no point in lying as the only person you are lying to is YOURSELF!

Many people lose weight and put it back on… why?  I think there could be several reason.. but two are … Lack of confrontation mentally and education of food -portions and what you are eating and why.

How many of us do reach for something with out even thinking.  It is so easily done.. but in future… as this is for you you have to think YOU… every time you raise that hand to your mouth.. THINK THINK THINK!


Mmm not something we all like…and I find this difficult at the moment due to my joints with arthritis… and the extra weight doesn’t help!

But I will be honest.. how to do this is up to you… start chair exercises if this is all you can do… then build up from there.  Throw on some music you like and throw yourself aound to that… you will be suprised how many calories you burn!

Don’t go out and spend lots of money on tapes cd’s and lots of equipment as you will get fed up with them… Variation is the key.. go for a walk…don’t jog..I don’t think you ever have to jog… you just have to push yourself a little.

Little and often…and as I said variation. I have MRO so I get to walk him.  More and more each day hopefully.  I know I have been out with him today and my hips hurt but I did it.

If you like swimming.. do that..step…wii…or as I said just plain walking… but try.

I know when I first lost the 4 stone, I had to lose some weight before I could move and actually have the motivation to move… but I did and once I got that bug… it was worth it.

Make yourself some cd’s for walking that are a little faster than the pace you would normally walk and you will walk to the beat.  Set the time… 10 mins then 15 mins and keep building it up and before you know it you will be walking miles!!


One last step for now..but an important one… praise and relaxation…. take some time to say “Well done”

Find some good way to relax.. I have a some meditation tapes and I find these brilliant… great for the end of the day when your tired and you just can’t stop thinking of food or a little too much exercise!

Well those are some steps for now.  I know it is a long post but I hope that it will help someone out there as much as it will remind me.

Don’t forget to get a good tune… find your signature tune like I have.  Diana Ross It’s My Turn… I would love to hear yours and if you liked this post!


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