Right or wrong….MUG!

I am a little cross… why! … Yes why… I have just had a friend … well I say friend….very openly now anyway…. she has just invited me to like as they do… or we do.. on Facebook for her business….

Mmmm… now I thought.. I sent her one for mine and she didn’t reply… so I first thought “Maybe not”… then I thought oh don’t be mean and go and have a look as you are not like her….. and what do I see.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I offered her to sell some of my gifts.. just to put in … she could sell at what she wanted, also candles etc and she said “No not the sort of thing that will sell in my shop”.. so I thought okay.. you took my greeting cards but never returned them all…

But when I get there.. her facebook page is of CANDLES……..

Now that is fine.. no it isn’t .. actually.. I thought I was cross but I am actually upset about it.  Should I bitch about her now to vent  and get it out of my system….

Oh…should I…??

Yes.. I am cross and upset… she is going out with my nephew.. don’t get me wrong he is half her age!!!  But still … loyalty.. I never asked her or money.. she didn’t have to purchase and be stuck with anything….OKAY…………………right I could go on about benefits etc but I am better than that.. I will just ignore it.. and when I go into her shop next I will ask for my cards back that she thinks I don’t know about and rather given them to my father to sell than have her sell them and keep the money and think I am some sort of mug!


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