I don’t get it….

MaleFacialsIt was my OH birthday this week and besides all the other stuff you get a man… I got him some facial wash and some moisturising gel.  Well..I feel that with him working outside and the change in environmental factors a man should look after his skin.

Anyway we are sat in the lounge and he was saying that he had been using it and that he liked it and was thinking of going to go for a facial thingy as he put it…

I was so shocked!

No there is nothing wrong with this at all.  I had and have been asking him for years and now..he said he was thinking of going to get one done.

Going to get one done…. going to get one done?

I bet you are wondering why.. is she repeating herself all the time I get it I get it!!!!!!!

Going to get one done……….well I am a fully qualified beauty/holistic therapist, nail tec, masseuse, NVQ assessor, Teacher and Course Writer in beauty and was thinking of going to get one done!

Is that me thinking this is a little odd?….. well is it?  What do you think?

No… it isn’t about bothering me… who would you rather treat and make sure they feel good.. a member of your family of course!

Is it down to respect… now this can sound a little odd.. but hear me out here… over the last few years since I was in an accident and had to have medication for my head condition… which wasn’t my fault and I don’t like to take the tablets but without them I can be in agony.. but since then I have noticed he way he looks at me.. the way that he treats me..the tablets have other side effects and have gone from one thing to another as most medication can do 😦 .

For example this evening something simple … when he gets up from the dining table.. he will sit down by the fire and I am left to clear the table and do the kitchen.  Last night it was.. do me a coffee cup for the morning… I didn’t hear him say .. can you please do me a coffee cup.  I could go on and on but I am sure you get the drift here…

Now I am a person that has noticed late in life that I don’t work well with being told what to do anymore… and if you have read our blog you will know that lol!!  After spending all my life and that is many many years doing this and that and everything for everyone I am sick of it.  Some could say I have made a rod for my own back., mind you I always offer to help people.. far too much really.. but any how…

Going to get one done!… How would you feel it if was your field of work?

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