Shall I let them all have a go!

Here I am yes… feelng a little sorry for myself today… over did the gardening… twisted my ankle and used muscles that I haven’t in a long time after two hours of mowing the lawn..first this year and I have been up most of the night with my new buddy (dog) as he has been poorly… and I still ache all over!

But no I am good….I hobbled around took my buddy round the garden.. finally went to the toilet.. first time in two days.. was getting rather worried… to say the least.. eww … anyway.. cleaned kitchen… wrapped OH gifts as his birthday… hobbled back up stairs and sang happy birthday and he said… think of the calories you burnt….

Think of the calories you burnt…………THINK OF THE CALORIES YOU BURNT!!!!… my whole body is reminding me with every ache and twing from my hole my whole body….

What is this… pick on B week….!!!!!!!!!

I am tired.. with being up most of the night with my buddy massaging his tummy… I ached all over and my twisted ankle hurts and now I think… No Fun and Burnt calories…

I want chocolate lol

Well no time I have to get ready to go out as need new electric gates and get them delivered hopefully this week!!.. and then I have to bathe my buddy before we go out… but why seems pointess as soon as we get back he will be out having fun again….at least someone is!!!!


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