Rice Crispy Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

Yep another week has gone by and I know I have blown it.. I was hoping that I was sort of being good … but my devil half of me won out!… I didn’t weigh in.. as I had been having chocolate.. crisps and get this rice crispies!

I went rice crispy mad!  Yes .. totally mad I tell you, I thought well try and keep it in toe.. have it for breakfast.. but then it was for lunch and then a late snack and before I knew it.. I have nearly eaten whole big box by myself in a week!!!

rice crispy

NO don’t be fooled into thinking they are okay on the slimming world diet.. they are as I have found out to my horror today  28 gms for 5.5 syns… so  I have dug myself a grave this week.  Then there is of course the milk.. that is always SS and sometimes sweetner and then sometimes … oh yeah real sugar… what did I dooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a craving but the whole craving went on for the whole packet…. lesson in this… GET A SMALL PACKET!!

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