A’s News.. read all about it!

nwspprI will if I can keep you up dated on how A is doing…. seeing as I am the more vocal one.. being B! (yep that is me)

Anyway… she was brave enough and went to her dr and asked to have some help… gastric band or surgery.. we are waiting to hear… but at the moment they have her on a diet of 1500 calories a day.

Easy you say…. Noooooooooooo!  As she is diabetic and this can be very difficult at times if she doens’t manage her sugar levels .. she can crash and need more and times… which is most of the time… she doens’t eat enough!

Now she is doing really well.  After her first two weeks she has lost 6 lbs and I am so very proud of her.  She was so fretful that she wouldn’t lose any.. but she has stuck to it and has really achieved!!

She has to lose 10% of her body weight first.  Then they will put her on a liquid diet of 800 calories a day.  Not sure for how long then they will decide what will happen from there.

A… travels back and fro to the hospital regualarly for checks.. which I am pleased about so they are keeping a good eye on her.. but this is a long way for her … and takes a long time.

BUT with that all said… I am sure you will all be like me and wish her the best and support her along the way!!

B (that’s me) will keep you posted on A (thats her) as often as I can.

Thanks all xx

3 thoughts on “A’s News.. read all about it!

  1. You can do it A!!
    While I follow sw, I also (slightly insanely) keep track of calories and I use My Fitness Pal app on my phone. I try to stay under 1400 daily and usually have a blow out one day a week and will be over 2000, but only one day! It really helps me stay focused, while I love sw I do believe that pasta for eg shouldn’t be unlimited…so I portion control too!

  2. Hi this is me….. Thanks for your reply…. A is doing the calories etc and it is I (B) that is doing sw… I am a firm believer that what may work for one might not for another.. It really works for me when I am in the right mind set just have to get back there!

    Good luck from us both x

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