Sneaky Peek!

sneaky peek


Yeah yeah… I did it again… I threw myself on the scales and I did hear them scream in horror as they saw this lump of lard come bounding towards them!  They were being kind to me today… but tomorrow is the killer isn’t it.

Yep tomorrow is weigh in day… and okay I have cheated so I can’t expect a lot… but something would be nice!…I hope you are all doing well?

This week has been an odd has been full of lots of tins of spaghetti as they are free on SW on green days… and the odd row with my OH and of course some melt downs by me with too much pressure.

I am not sure what it is but I just don’t seem to cope with life as well as I used to?  Everyone calls me for help and I can do that… but when they keep going on and on.. I get sick of it!  Is that normal?

Anyway I am tired… so off to bed… my buddy is already asleep on the sofa.. so think I will trott off to bed!

Call back tomorrow and see how I got on!


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