There are many of us out there suffering with pain in differing ways, but how many walk by to busy with their lives with not a moment for anyone elses thoughts of feelings. I am a sufferer, so I can relate. I will put up a picture just for you in my next post x

failed adventures

Hello. My name is El. It’s been almost a year since I’ve had a pain-free day. And I can’t do this anymore.

That’s how I imagine an AA-like group for people with chronic pain conditions would start.

For me, this can be a whole range of things. It’s my relationship with Oz. It’s waking up in pain every morning. It’s my academic career.  It’s speculating about the future. It’s even as simple a thing as showering or doing laundry.

Sometimes, I just want to eject.

Because most days I feel like I am in a dunking booth.  Like the ones they have at carnivals. I never know which throw or this that is going to send me crashing into the dirty water below. Some days it seems like no one can knock me down.  Until someone does. Then I’m wet and cold and underwater. Sinking. And once I do get…

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