Here we go again!… Fat on track! haha

Well I say that .. but today is the day I have decided or my body sort of said that is it you fat b****h get your arses on those scales and see if it can cope!

I dragged myself out of bed and did just that and to my suprise I hadn’t put on as much as I thought I had… I thought I was at least another stone and half heavier!!  How bad is that….. see what the mind does to us!

Not only does it make us feel worse but fatter too… so does that really mean I am a size 10… NOPE not to the darn scales unless they were lying to me too!

My mind has been all over the place and I can’t seem to stay on track… well that is unless I type away to all of you who read my dribble or maybe you don’t read it… but it does help me!

Todays food….

Breakfast… half a tub of quark plum and half a grapefruit.

Lunch.  Tuna HB and mixed bag salad and balsamic vinigar…

DInner.. was thinking.. might use the other half of quark. chicken breast (HB) and then add some fresh chilli and spices. oh and linguini  is that how you spell it?  Tis now lol. (This is what I did have.. and omg I am so fully I did add some Chill medium fat phil so 3 syns)

Syns so far… 3

Drinks.. not enough so goin to look for the app.

Walks with the dog.. going in a moment…. this will push me to get out.

Calls from the family 3 so far!

Put the new advert on Ebay for the software so that will start to keep me busy along with the work I do for my brother and the PR Consultant work I do and being asked to go back to the Letting Agency.. which I did the other week… but don’t really want to go back over old ground.

Anyway.. my Buddy wants to go out.. I have to do my hair, oh the hair… tesco sent me the wrong colour and I will look like a witch if I use it.. so thats a no no! Had to call them this morning and they said oh we will refund you the money… that still doesn’t help my head does it..

Ahh the head… that is also going on .. but will rant about that again.

Think thin….thin I say …. thin


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