Spirit, food…. right ole rambling!

Oh let’s talk junk…for some reason I have gone off the rails today…but hey that is today or maybe yesterday and tomorrow, which is today I am going to pick myself up and dust myself down and start again.

Yes… my little bundle of joy doesn’t arrive till next month… yes I am excited… and of course still very sad… isn’t it strange how we can have all these emotions! And half the time it is so hard to process them… especially at all the same time.

But for some reason I feel and I dont know why but this is going to be a good year.  Yes it has been so far not been a good one with all that has gone on… but I still do……

I sat the other night sobbing and asking my divine why have they taken my little buddy… of course if he was so poorly I do understand… and I thought I would do my angel oracle cards and got a card that I hadn’t ever had before.  It was telling me to send love to my god… it could be any god..and it will be returned 100 fold. so there I sat crumbled… buddy gone, head hurting and wondering what else and dreading asking.. but feeling so alone.

I gave this card some thought… I sat there sending my love out and yes i found this hard… but i found myself doing it…. later on that morning my brother rang… he wants to get me a dog as he knows the lady who breeds dogs for Harrods…. yes THE Harrods…. and my hopes lifted… I spoke to my daughter about this and I spoke to the woman…. my daughter then spoke to my husband and I felt a little cheated as I wanted to convince him myself that this was to be for us… well me…. My daughter rang me and said I am coming over later so see you then.

To be honest I was a little confused about this… but pleased as it is always lovely to see her.  She came bounding in and no sooner did I turn round and she handed me this white envelope.  Inside was a picture of my new buddy and some information….of course I cried and the evening went on.

Later I sat and thought about the card…and I leave it up to you… but for some small love I sent out… I know now that I will get lots of love back from my new buddy that is coming.

It worked for me that day…. I hope everyone is doing well…  And just remember… be nice and it will come back to you… Kama xx


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