My Little Buddy Died

When I wrote yesterday about my dear little buddy and will it be the last time…….

It was….my darling rabbit passed today. I have cried all day and the house feels so empty and cold.

For those that don’t have a pet wouldn’t understand.

He was the first person I spoke to in the morning and the last at night.

We would watch telly together as I told him all my troubles and joys…

Never complained and never demanded but gave his love unconditionally.

We would share the odd treat and at time I would think he was a dog for the way he jumped up and the noise he made when he was pleased to see you.

He bit through my leather handbag and boots cause they were in his way, often through the phone line, but that was our fault.

When he became ill a long time ago, we moved him in the house and he stayed…he wouldn’t go out in the rain, but would sit at the door and watch it pour down.

I have had good times and bad times with my buddy, he would come on holiday with me, and we would always take him back home where he came from on the boat when we went back.

He could sense spirit in the house. Sometimes just lay infront of the fire like a dog. I have lots of memories but they hurt at the moment.

Now he has gone and left me broken hearted. I know I am an over emotional person, but I know Love when I feel it, and I lost that today when my little buddy passed away.

I now feel alone and very tearful.

Love and miss you buddy xxx

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6 thoughts on “My Little Buddy Died

  1. I have lost pets and know how hard it is. Pets unlike people, always accept you the way you are. They love you unconditionally. My heart hurts for you. He will live on in your heart and your memories. My sympathy to you!

  2. Awww so sorry for your loss I have lost pets and I know it can feel like losing a child 😥 Take comfort he had a good life with you and was loved until the end x

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