Last times?……

Have you ever wondered… as you go through life… is this the last time I will do this… or the last time I will ever go here?

I have today…. My rabbit is still so very poorlyOLLIE

I have been cuddling him… which he never lets me do…

Is this the last time….

I gave him his bath and dried him down…

is this the last time…..

feeding him by syringe…

is this the last time…..

stroking him and telling him I love him …

Is this the last time

Watching my tears hit his soft fur

is this the last time……

Saying Nighty night love you, see you in the morning..

Will it be the last time…

I do pray that if the Angels think if it is time for him to go, that they make it as painless as possible for him, as I would hate for him to be in pain.  I also think… what if he is alone….Does he really know I love him?  Has he had a good life?

If you could take a moment of your time and just send healing to him…. just think of my rabbit and imaging him in healing white light inside and out… thank you so much x

We never know when anything is the last time do we.  So we should take a moment to consider those that we can make up with family and friends… hug them and talk as it could be the last time.

My own biological mother doesn’t talk to me and she is now very ill… she has blood clots in both legs and they dont think they can operate as she is too weak… but  I tried for many years and it never got me anywhere… but if you do get the chance… do it.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. x


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