Where did that day go!

Today has gone so quickly… with all the paperwork and the stress of a tesco delivery … which if anyone knows that has them is traumatic in itself.  I hate it when you don’t get what you order, when you do get what you want it is ALL use by tomorrow…you never get time to check it all off and then when they say.. “It will be refunded” you think yeah right… and finally when you have put it all away.. you think ….. what can I do for dinner?

I spent a little while this evening looking through some old mags for some get up and go.. as mine has got up and gone this evening lol… but it all seemed to be EE meals… well that isn’t strickly true… but all the syn points were EE….I know that SW are pushing their EE plan… but I don’t like it…

But I was thinking… if I was having an Red day.. what is there to eat lol… yes meat and free foods and superfree and fruit etc… but being a carb person… that is why I tend to stick to green days and have very little meat.

Watching tv at the same time as this and realise that I am no longer young!  Time tics on so quickly… so I do have to keep on track and grasp what I can and enjoy it!

As I have said before I am going to try and put in my ramblings something throughout the day that I have grateful for… and maybe someone has compliemented me!!

My rabbit is poorly again and I am feeling really low about that… I don’t know if this is the time to be kinder to be kind and let him sleep…but who made me his god to decide… but I don’t want him to be pain, but I am grateful that he is still with me… as he is my friend.

I was thanked this evening for dinner!!  I was told it tastes nice! Infact lovely… twice!

I am thankful for all my friends and family… even though moan at me all day lol

Not going to ramble much tonight as feel tired and think I will have an early night!! probably about 3 ish haha I have taken my meds early so they will kick in soon lol….  Def time to turn the telly over.. Sun Sea and A and E… Silly brits most of the time being stupid on holiday getting drunk !!

Sleep well all x

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