New Day. Daily Food Diary Day 9 – 10/01/13

Rightyhooooooooooooooo… here we go… on to another day…. woke up with a bit of a beadache so to me means that I am not actually drinking enough!

So fluid fluid fluid!

Oh and I have to go back and type up yesterdays food! Oh and take todays medications.. wow I am running late!!

Breakfast:  Spaghetti.. 2 x toast and marmite HB

Lunch  Spaghetti and apple

Dinner  salad, brie, 5 x light laughing cow HA, 28g cheese HA, 2 x bread HB

Snacks and drinks    56g licqorice… 8 syns… Now one book says 3.5 and another says 4 so I am going to go with the 4 just in case! Tesco hot chocolate 2 syns/ 28g Brie – 4.5 syns/ 2 tablespoons of SSMilk

Syns  15

And more meds!


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