Weigh In Day …Food Diary – Day 8 – 9th Jan 13

Well drum roll please… haha… okay… I have to smile … all loss is a good loss isn’t it….

You will find my weigh in on my Weigh In page…

Aww bet you thought I was going to put it here lol…. No… you have to work for it haha… I had to work to lose that…. come on!!!  Think of those calories now that you have to use to move the arms to move the mouse… I am doing you a favour lol…

Daily Food Diary

Breakfast:  3 x Boiled Eggs and Toast Marmite HB

Lunch: banana…really not enough to eat… but daughter coming for dinner and was waiting to cook… but her car has broken down!!


Snacks and Drinks:


I will be back later….

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