2.15 am…. Tic Toc..

Coffee in hand… Criminal Minds on the box… Laptop on well the lap! and the strong smell of bleach up my nostrils.!

I had this thought I would go wipe the kitchen counters down and gave the kitchen a full blitz!  Not saying that it probably didn’t need that extra little scrub after Christmas.  But it is done now…. I do like coming down to a clean kitchen.. but I have to say I have become a little lazy lately…

Christmas was lovely as I had my godmother who helped out… … now it isn’t a lot… but have you ever just got  sick of cleaning up after people or others and just want them to clean up after themselves.  That doesn’t mean just moving the cup from the side to the kitchen or throwing it in the sink…. what about watshing it!

I know I know I a a mother… but my daughter has grown and left the nest… I spent years looking after her…and don’t want to spend the rest of my life washing up…………….am I alone in this?

Anyway… while cleaning I was thinking… as life slips by… what would I like to do?  I see youngsters and suddenly realise… I am not that young anymore… where did it go.  but most importantly .. where is it going.

With losing weight… now i know it is going to take me some time… but what would I like to do when I get to my aim.

I would like to go visit family… I fear flying but I also fear the thought of them saying sorry you need two seats or would you like a seatbelt extender… or worse still what if it didn’t fit and the alarm just kept going and everyone was looking at you… yes you the fat one!  Oh the shame…

What areas would I like to visit… Venice… I know people say it smells etc… but I would still like to go… Pompei oops don’t think I have spelt that right…I would like to go back to scotland and visit the lock where Nessy is suppose to be… stand and see the water and breath the air.  Oh don’t get me wrong there is still the part of me that wants to scream and shout and party… but I did do that when I was younger.. and to be honest it isn’t all it is cracked up to  be.

Anyway… enough ramblings for now…. but one good thing about rambling… it stops me eating lol…


2 thoughts on “2.15 am…. Tic Toc..

  1. I so understand what you mean that this post could have been written by me! ( my kitchen could do with a blitz if your free lol) I have basically decided to take each day as it comes, I get more confident with the more weight lose and (hopefully) I have plenty of years ahead still to achieve everything I want…must start with phobia of flying 😦

    • I only charge 50.00 per hour haha… that is for the kitchen cleaning! Well weigh in day for me tomorrow.. I am hoping for a good loss this week as it is my first week in a while and they are normally good ones aren’t they… *gits teeth and wonders if we hold our breath are we lighter*

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